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Playbook: How to Your Sell Online Courses

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Online course platform market

As an online course creator

Online course creation takes time.

Course content can also be a marketing tool. For SaaS companies trying to differentiate. It becomes a product and part of the sales funnel.

Begins with the course idea

Focus should be on learning outcome for students.

While the outcome should be to sell your online course, focusing at the expense of other things will be a fail.

Like any product, defining the target audience matters.

How would you do this?

Creating courses has been effective as an online business. However, as a result, it's been saturated. As more courses flood the market, you have to compete for attention and dollars.

Once you have that, being able to easily create a landing page

Might be wondering, "How do I sell my online course."

how do you create and sell courses online?

Course creation comes after you know customers want it.

You may already have existing content. Or you may still be searching for your course idea.

How do you get students to your online courses and website?

Without traffic, se

Which platform should you use to host your online course?

Does it make course creation easy and straightforward?

How do you narrow in on your niche and find your target audience?

How else would someone learn to achieve the outcome your online course helps them achieve?

Course content should map to those outcomes, both in structure and in all communication.

Is the topic actually teachable?

What does this mean?

That's a good question. The space is much broader than you would think.

But there are some courses which may make more sense than others.

It depends on the outcome.

It also depends if the buyers believe themselves and the course topic to be teachable.

This should go into your course idea.

How do you define the learning objectives for your online course?

These should live on your landing page

Landing page should include course content.

These objectives should be powerful enough to sell the course.

Does the course have to be only a video course?

You could go to a course marketplace and say, "Sell my online course." There are large businesses which do this, and there are some benefits: they already have an audience. These

Focus on your initial course sale.

The best way to do it is to validate the course by pre-selling the course.

It'll put alot of pressure to complete it. One way to do this is to think of the MVP: something lower cost and a smaller footprint, with a vision of better and additional content which those initial customers are grandfathered into.

This helps you to figure out a couple of key things:

  • Course idea
  • Target audience
  • Landing page
  • Sales Funnel

Much of this can be very daunting if you imagine a huge, massive course.

Once you know you have something valuable, if you choose, you can expand the content while also increasing the price.

A counter-approach is to go big: charge a huge amount upfront to validate the pricing.

Then run the course but run it live to get feedback and questions.

The early customers pay more for your online course because they get direct access to you. This is often a weakness of online courses, there is no real interaction.

The Playbook Workflow

Heights Platform

Heights Platform is one of my recommendations for a course platform.

I found that it made course creation easy to do with its outline format.

It also comes with a landing page.

What id doesn't have is a robust sales funnel support, which is understandable. There are entire businesses which just focus on that part of it.

Check it out here. (I make a very small commission when you purchase to support my writing the blog. I only recommend products I've not only used but also directed connected with the Founder. You can read my interview with the founder of Heights Platform Bryan McNaulty in this other post)


If you are familiar with my Video Marketing Playbook, you'll be familiar with Swarmify

It includes