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Heights Platform: SaaS Founder Who XXX

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  • Founders: How this X can make your business grow versus die
  • Marketers: This insight can help you grow your audience
  • Creators: Lessons from X online course instructors

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Founder Interview: How Bryan McAnulty Grew His SaaS in a Large, Competitive Market

What Was His Founder Code?

Often, the way a founder is “wired” determines many things about the business they found: product, market, message, differentiation, competitive edge.

In many ways, two founders with the exact same idea can come up with different, and successful, businesses.

Here we drill more into the founder DNA and how it maps his business.

What is the “Founder DNA” that led to this business?

What strengths did he bring that contribute to his success?

What are ways his product and/or business benefited from his specific founder DNA?

What’s the change in the world he tried to solve for Course Creators?

Founders, marketers, and creators can learn lessons from the “change in the world” identified by Bryan.

Tapping into this change, developing a point of view, helps create products that solve real, emerging problems for creators, and helps to tell the larger story to attract those same customers.

Change in the World:

Point of View:

How Heights Platform Grew

Here are some metrics to show the success.

The growth strategy was as follows:

AppSumo Launch: What Worked and Lessons Learned

These days, being a SaaS founder often means launching on AppSumo: the king of SaaS launches

The Cross Over Market Opportunity

SaaS Founders, Digital Marketers, Start Up Product Managers, and Creators are intersecting in terms of the tools and strategies.

The creation and selling of online courses not only offer techniques and strategies useful to each of those audiences. The actual creation and selling of online courses, themselves, can be part of their business.

SaaS Founders

Although in the very, very beginning, you may be extremely busy already running it.

But if you haven’t coded yet, creating a course around the subject area and charging it can be a good way to just get started. You’ll have to target the same audience, you educate the problem and the solution, and you can maybe even earn some money while you’re at it.

[More here from Bryan]

Digital Marketers and Product Leaders

For your own side hustle, if you are able to go deep into one of these two fields, you can create a course. Especially on the product side, the discipline is rapidly changing and demanding, this can be valuable.

For the businesses you work for, can you improve acquisition, adoption, and retention by extending a course?


Online courses continue to be the hub of their strategy. While the playbooks for delivery and design are evolving to meet a maturing audience, here are some things to consider.


Get the Playbook

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